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About sewage treatment boiler, you should know something: a boiler blowdown purpose: to make the water in the pot of water boiler in compliance with the standards, reduce the adverse effects to the boiler scale formation caused by the impurities in the water is maintained at a certain concentration, need by continuously to the boiler to exclude large salt, alkali boiler water and deposited residues, sludge and various types of precipitates, maintaining safe operation of the boiler, to extend the life of the boiler. Second, boiler blowdown mode: continuous blowdown boiler blowdown and regular sewage into two kinds. 1, continuous blowdown Purpose: continuous blowdown portion of the salt may be excluded substance dissolved in water pot, the pot in order to maintain a controlled amount of salt contained in the water and alkalinity, to prevent excessive concentration affects the quality of the boiler steam production. Installation site: general continuous sewage outfall 200-300 mm drum mounted normal water level, boiler water was concentrated by continuous heating, the salt water of the surface layer into the furnace together, even on the exhaust port installed in the boiler water up to the salt content locations, to discharge a high concentration of salt, a new water treatment. The discharge time of: continuously discharged blowdown rate: typically about 1% of the amount of evaporation boiler. Location discharge: discharge sewage generally lead to expansion device connected by the drum. Numerous continuous shot from the boiler is saturated with water produced by the boiler at the operating pressure, a higher temperature; if a sudden drop in pressure, the vaporization point of water is lowered, so that the original saturation is destroyed, a portion of the water from the tank to become the new pressure superheater heat saturated water, the latent heat of evaporation portion of the water becomes steam. This evaporation is called flash evaporation. Continuous blowdown is to obtain a secondary steam using the principle of flash evaporation. So as to achieve recycling. 2, regular sewage purposes: periodic sewage mainly excluded rusty, desalting entirely calcium, magnesium and other flocs. And reduce the extent attached to the boiler wall and improve the use of the boiler thermal efficiency. Generally intermittent, also known as intermittent sewage or sewage bottom. Installation site: Regular Blowdown nozzle generally located at the lowest point of the BCP. Emission Time: time given row is discontinuous, generally selected from the group of emissions at low boiler load, the exhaust emissions from large given, generally only a short time it is possible to achieve the purpose of sewage discharge, typically 0.5-1 minutes, particularly by the boiler water quality may be, but should avoid prolonged given row so as not to affect the normal boiler water circulation. Chemical run on a regular basis to work after the election in each night. Blowdown rate: 0.1% -0.5% General boiler evaporation. Emission Location: the water from the bag is introduced to the expansion of a given row. After decompression, and secondary steam expansion separated waste hot water. Secondary steam into the atmosphere or utilized as a heat source, waste hot water through the general sewage into the sewer system cooling pool. Boiler blowdown water and saturated with water at the same pressure and the working pressure boiler, before the throttle valve is provided with periodic blowdown pressure is reduced, so that the periodic blowdown expander expansion cooling, secondary steam is separated.

Condensing hot water boiler room What are the requirements for electrical engineering condensing hot water boiler room electrical professional requirements: (1) condensing hot water boiler room should be set explosion-proof, waterproof lamps. It requires sufficient illuminance in the boiler water between the condensing operation. Pressure gauge readings particularly important should gauge and other specialty lighting set, to avoid operator error: (2) condensing at coal-fired hot water boiler and ancillary equipment has just started, often due to various factors which cause the motor apparatus starting current exceeds the normal range, the device can not start or cause air switch [burned). So, with the operating personnel should take measures to reduce the starting current of the motor, the normal operation of equipment. (3) In order to accommodate automation of the control of the fuel gas condensing boiler water, boiler water condensate should each equipped with the appropriate control cabinet. [Coal-fired boiler control cabinet or disk) should be provided to monitor the position of the operator within the scope of the, condensation can always observe the movement of the hot water boiler and associated equipment. (4) for conveying gas, liquefied petroleum gas fuel line (of metal tubing) should be set static grounding means when the condensing boiler house electrical system ground with lightning protection network and can be connected thereto, or should be provided static grounding system. (5) condensing the gas vent pipe for hot water boiler, which should be installed on top lightning. (6) Where the control and monitoring of the condensing boiler water level, pressure, gas leakage alarm, etc. haggard meter device shall ensure sensitivity, and to ensure the quality of agricultural instruments necessary testing and checking devices. (7) respond to electrical materials (including power, lighting, automation instrumentation systems) in construction strictly. In order to ensure safe and reliable operation, especially for gas condensing hot water boiler room, often professional electrical short circuit or other accidents can have serious consequences.

"Green Castle is the gold and silver mines," Mianyang City, Sichuan Province to respond positively to President Xi's philosophy of environmental protection, strengthen the construction of ecological civilization, and vigorously promote the city's air pollution control, focusing on small boilers county level and above cities out of coal, comprehensive enhance the transformation of 20 tons of steam / hour or more coal-fired boilers, let Mianzhou earth, the sky bluer, and more green, the water clearer.

In advance of the phase-out of coal-fired boilers, the city's focus on top-level design, in June this year issued a "county-level and above Mianyang urban area small coal-fired boilers work out program," clearly take demolition, renovation, clean energy alternatives and other measures , before the deadline to the end of March 2019, phasing out the county level and above urban area 10 steam tons / hour and the small coal-fired boilers (because of the promotion of cogeneration of small coal-fired central heating boiler replacement must be before the end of 2020 total phase-out). Not included in the program for the elimination of the objectives and tasks of various types of small coal-fired boilers, find an out of one.

Eliminate small coal-fired boilers for improving urban air quality has a positive effect. In Mianyang, a wine business one step ahead, we tasted the sweetness: switch to phase out coal-fired boiler gas boiler. Before coal-fired boilers, the company must invest a lot of money each year to buy coal used in the treatment of fly ash and slag above, and coal combustion will bring countless pollutants.

After starting gas fired boiler to boiler project, which began to corporate purchase and install a gas boiler, energy-saving cooking pot bottom, ice bucket, multi-cooler tube array, sewage tank 58 and other equipment (sets); and in 2017 December formally put into use. After coal to gas, coal storage area is no longer required, cinder storage area ,, new construction land for the enterprise, greatly reduce production operating costs. "

This year the city built-up area of ​​the city's coal-fired boiler phase-out targets small task is 25 units. City Commission by letter, the Environmental Protection Agency, Bureau of Quality Supervision and other relevant departments to strengthen organizational leadership, establish long-term working mechanism, compaction work responsibilities, in close collaboration to promote the division of labor, and strengthen supervision to ask efficiency, strict examination and approval for the record, put an end to new coal-fired small boiler, strengthen propaganda and guidance, do a solid job of work to promote the service. As of the end of November, this year's phase-out plan included 22 small businesses of 25 coal-fired boilers have completed 24 units, of which the use of special equipment to complete the cancellation of the registration certificate of 17.

City Commission by letter the person in charge, the next step, they will actively cooperate with relevant departments to intensify its efforts to strengthen the county has not yet out of the task of supervision and corporate efforts to accelerate the phase-out of the boiler has been using special equipment write-off registration certificate , guidance throughout the solid performance of the late acceptance procedures, and make due contributions to effectively improve the quality of atmospheric environment in Mianyang.

Use coverage steam boiler with good quality in the market is very high, chemical production, food processing, textiles and paper and many other industries require the use of steam for production and processing. So, those energy-saving steam boiler is how energy efficient it?

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