piping for keystoker hot water boiler

Transformation heating boiler according to the user's furnace, coal-fired piping for keystoker hot water boiler replacement can be divided into a gas hot water boiler, the two kinds of new gas hot water boiler. 1, coal-fired hot water boiler replaced with a gas hot water boiler

Shanxi Province is located in China's western areas north of the Loess Plateau, the terrain finished solid, rich products. Thanks to energy supply and price advantage of coal, coke, metallurgy, electric power and other coal industry, the rapid rise of the formation of Shanxi coal-based economies of resource-based industries.

Shanxi Province, but had coal and Xing, but also because of the coal and sleepy. According to the report, "2017, Shanxi Province, coal accounted for the proportion of energy consumption up to 84.6%, higher than the national average of 24 percent, it is 2.9 times as much as the global average of Shanxi to 1.6% of the national land area, consuming about 10% of national coal amount. for Shanxi, winning the battle of blue sky, coal pollution can be effectively controlled is the key.

According to the "Blue Sky Battle Shanxi three-year action plan," issued in July this year (hereinafter referred to as "" Shanxi three-year action plan '') planning requirements, by 2020, sulfur dioxide, total nitrogen oxide emissions are lower than in 2015 more than 20%, compared to strive average concentration of sulfur dioxide in 2015 fell about 50%. Among them, 2020, total coal consumption in 8 cities in key areas to achieve negative growth, the province's coal consumption in primary energy consumption share dropped to 80%, the proportion of the province's coal consumption of coal accounts for more than 55%.

According to Shanxi Province Bureau of Statistics latest data, as of the end of August this year, Shanxi Province, the outgoing power 50.67 billion kwh, up 21.1%; the first half of Shanxi new energy consumptive power grid to complete 15.6 billion kilowatts, an increase of 58.2%, new energy abandoned consumption fell 90.6% year on year, abandoned electricity rate fell 10.2 percentage points.

The past two years the province shut down 52 coal mines, quit production capacity 45.9 million tons, subtract coal production capacity of 9.25 million tons per year, the completion of energy-saving 18 million kilowatts of coal-fired power plants, coal-fired power plants province's average coal consumption of electricity of 320 grams per kilowatt-hour of standard coal. In the first half of this year, the province's above-scale industrial Shanxi coal industrial added value increased only 0.8%.

872, should pay attention to the use of pressure piping for keystoker hot water boiler: the world since the 1970s, pressure hot water boiler, especially in the northern region will get extensive application in China. Its popular not only because of low cost, easy to manufacture, more simple management, operation and safety features in its. Because of pressure hot water boiler has been widely used in various industries, it is especially important to use precautions.

Before being put into operation, a detailed study of technical personnel to study accompanying documentation and various other technical information in Note 1. Henan Henan former boiler manufacturers boiler boiler manufacturer boiler running, in-depth understanding of a variety of technical performance of the equipment. After work out procedures and equipment used, Henan boiler manufacturers boiler operator or use the necessary technical training, in order to deliver the boiler operation. 2. The maintenance personnel should be strictly in accordance with the relevant regulations of the equipment for maintenance, the equipment is in good condition. 3. When the boiler in operation, any of the following circumstances and ineffective protection, emergency shutdown should: (1) boiler water level below the water level of the lower edge of the visible, increasing water supply and other measures, but the water level continued to decline; (2) Henan boiler manufacturers boiler water level exceeds the highest visible level (full of water), turn on the water can not be seen by the water level; (3) water softener system failure, not water to the boiler and boiler water level below the water level gauge the lower edge of the visible; (4) Henan boiler manufacturers boiler circulation pump fails can not operate properly; (5) Henan boiler manufacturers boiler component damage, endanger the operating personnel safety; (6) boiler water temperature abruptly rises out of control; ( 7) other abnormal situation threatening Henan boiler manufacturers boiler safe operation. 4. accident tight shutdown for lack of water, exhaust prohibited, the operation of the boiler feedwater and blowdown Henan boiler manufacturers. 5. Henan boiler manufacturers boiler room should be well ventilated. 6. circulation pump normal operation after the start-up burner, circulation system valve should open. To prohibit start-up burner, boiler manufacturers Henan boiler to be warmed and then start the circulation pump or the valve is opened suddenly. 7. boiler circulating pump failure and stop running the boiler protection system is not functioning boiler caused a "dry", the non-boiler feed water to the boiler factory in Henan or circulation pump. 8. shutdown, the shutdown button press on the operation screen, a combustion burner is stopped, closing the intake valve. Disconnect the power to the controller, disconnect the main power boiler.

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