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1. oil and gas steam swimming pool boiler system

A complete gas boiler system mainly includes the boiler body, burner, control system and other auxiliary structures

With the increase of air supply volume, the mixture of oil mist and air is improved, which is beneficial to combustion. However, if the air volume is too large, the furnace temperature will be decreased and the incomplete combustion loss will be increased. At the same time, the heat loss of exhaust gas will be increased and the power consumption of the fan will be increased because of the increase of flue gas. If the air volume is insufficient, the combustion will be incomplete, resulting in carbon deposition at the tail, which is prone to secondary combustion accidents. Therefore, each swimming pool boiler should pass the thermal efficiency test to determine its economic air volume at different loads. In practice, the stoves usually take into account the ignition of the nozzle and the carbon dioxide or oxygen content in the flue gas. Content to adjust the supply air volume. If it is found that the combustion condition of a nozzle is not good, or if the atomization plate with different aperture is replaced, the air pressure of the supply duct should be kept unchanged, and the opening degree of the duct baffle of the nozzle should be adjusted to normal combustion. If the fuel quantity changes due to the change of the oil pressure in front of the furnace, the opening of the fan baffle should be adjusted to achieve normal combustion by changing the air pressure and air volume of the air supply duct when it is necessary to adjust the supply air volume.

3) the observation and analysis of all kinds of flame when adjusting the fuel oil. Generally through the fire point adjustment and flame center adjustment to complete the flame adjustment. The ignition point of the oil mist should be close to the nozzle, but there should be no tempering. Early ignition is beneficial to complete combustion and stability of oil mist. However, the fire is too early, too close to the nozzle, easy to burn the nozzle and furnace wall to determine the mouth. Furnace temperature flying oil varieties and atomization quality, as well as air volume, wind speed and oil temperature, will affect the distance and proximity of the ignition point. So if you want to adjust the ignition point, you should find out the cause in advance, and then take targeted measures. When the boiler load is constant and the oil pressure and oil temperature are stable, Should be based on the ignition point wind speed and wind distribution situation.

6 tons adjusting a combustion gas steam swimming pool boiler, normal combustion boiler three basic aspects of indicators include a uniform supply of the fuel, reasonable ventilation, adjustment the combustion. 1, to maintain the high temperature of the combustion chamber temperature of the upper layer is preferably in the 1100 ~ 1300 ℃, flame orange in color. Flame reddish color indicates that the amount is not enough to the wind, the color white indicates that excessive wind. It should be appropriately adjusted. 2, fuel ash to reduce ash content in the combustibles to be below 10%. 3, reducing the temperature of the boiler flue gas exhaust gas temperature should be controlled below 200 ℃. 4, holding furnace negative excess air boiler is 1.2 to 1.4, by adjusting the balance of the blowers to maintain the furnace pressure is -20 ~ -30Pa. 5, the thermal efficiency of the boiler to improve the thermal efficiency of the boiler should be kept above 60%. II. Combustion Adjustment 1, the amount of fuel to air required for combustion and the amount of a reasonable distribution. Ventilation should first increase the amount of fuel increases, it should first reduce the amount of fuel supply reduced ventilation. 2, the thickness of the seam and seam thickness configuration grate speed is 80 ~ 120mm grate speed at high, middle and low profile configuration of several commonly used methods:. 9a rapid combustion of thin seam b c thick seam in low combustion. 3 thick seam combustion speed, the segment with the wind blowing principle: burn promoting intermediate ends. That is, after the coal into the coal starts to warm up the shutter, fire line front arch, the primary combustion zone, the middle grate to burn the rear grate zone. Normal combustion conditions are: fuel from the coal at the beginning of the fire shutter 300mm, uniform flames, the fire bed formation, at the end of combustion from the end of the grate 300 ~ 500mm. 4. maintain proper furnace temperature to avoid coking. The fire bed to maintain the homogeneous combustion, to avoid burning fire bed obliquely. 6. The residence time of the fuel on the grate in less than 30 minutes.

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