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Shandong increasingly sophisticated in recent years, along with the kitchenaid artisan 5kes steam boiler heat absorption skills [10-11], the use of heat absorption end skills can use the depth of flue gas heat, absorption heat pump system using a cryogenic cooling medium occurs, so that the flue gas lower exhaust gas temperature, waste heat recovery is more complete, a lot of water vapor is condensed, energy conservation and environmental protection are more significant role, this road skills have been gradually recognized by the industry and highly valued. [12] describes this skill, and in relation to the waste heat recovery systems and equipment for the planning and equipment development of experimental and theoretical research of heat transfer, condensation heat transfer equipment, and successfully used in several successive boiler room.

Is there a difference between the kind of preparation and hot water boiler hot water boiler before purchase, which is a specific kind of boiler, the boiler is also a common product types and sites, so the need for knowledge and understanding, and by learning and mastering their knowledge achieve proper use for this purpose, at the same time, can also benefit from it, get some expertise. 1. hot water boiler before purchase whether to do some preparation work? From a professional point of view, hot water boiler product before making the purchase, is the need to do some preparatory work, both to reflect the importance of the work product to buy, but also can avoid the wrong choice. Moreover, we should take seriously and carry out, because if something goes wrong, it will affect the right to buy the product. On the job content, in addition to use of the environment and use of the product requires a clear understanding, but also to understand some basic information about products and manufacturers, good conduct multi-comparison and comprehensive consideration, so they have accurate judgments and the correct choice. 2. What are the important parameters of hot water boilers have? Atmospheric pressure and hot water boilers What are the differences? Important parameters of hot water boiler, from a professional point of view, for the boiler heat power, water supply and return water pressure and temperature of these three parameters, can not be ignored and careless treatment. The difference between the pressure and the pressure hot water boiler, which is specific: a difference: pressure hot water boiler is full of water, the water level did not control the problem, but there is pressure hot water boiler in the water level control problem. Difference between the two: it must have a pressure gauge on the pressure hot water boiler safety valve and thermometer these three components, as is always the boiler is full of water, it is not necessary to install water level, and pressure hot water boiler is to have a water level gauge thermometer and two instruments, but do not need to install a safety valve, pressure gauge may not be installed. Three differences: circulating water pump pressure hot water boiler heating system is generally the choice of clean water pump, and pressure hot water boiler heating systems pump hot water pump is optional. Four differences: only provide low pressure hot water boiler water, but also provide high temperature water, can only provide a low pressure hot water boiler water temperature of less than 100 deg.] C. 3. Is there pressure hot water boiler water filling operation precautions? Pressure hot water boiler, hot water boiler which is a specific type, which is operating in Sheung Shui precautions, so the answer to this question is yes. Specific, is: Sheung boiler and heating system should be carried out separately, not be performed simultaneously, performed prior Boiler Feed, when the expansion tank reaches a low level, then the system Sheung.

1. The concept of absorption of heat absorption systems using flue gas heat exchanger is used to recover waste heat of flue gas in the gas boiler, the process shown in Figure 1. In additional gas absorption heat pump with the boiler flue gas condensation heat exchanger, an absorption heat pump with natural gas as driving power, the occurrence of cold medium, the medium is cooled in the flue gas in the flue gas condensing heat exchanger, heat transfer process can used direct touch touch-type heat exchanger may direct the exhaust gas temperature in the system drops below the dew point, condensation of water vapor in the flue gas heat to reach the intent of flue gas heat recovery and water. Heat supply network backwater into the primary absorption heat pump is heated, and then into the gas boiler is heated to a temperature of planning to give out, the end of the heating process water heating network. Exhaust gas boiler into the bottom of the chimney, the draft fan is placed on top of flue gas condensation heat is withdrawn and mixed into the flue gas absorption heat pump of flue gas condensation heat exchanger, the system exhaust temperature drops to 30 ℃ vented to the atmosphere into the chimney after less. Out of the chimney flue gas between flue gas and returned to port additional partitions. Our test systems selected direct touch-type touch flue gas condensation heat exchanger. This allows the system to use the skills heating power (system for low level heat than the heat input in the system of gas) progress more than l0%. The skills currently in Beijing General Logistics Department has recovered waste heat boiler room engineering, Beijing bamboo plant to recover waste heat boiler used in the project, to obtain a better energy-saving effect. Such incremental contribution skills (including contribution absorption heat pump, heat exchanger and flue gas condensation supporting pumps, valves and other equipment) generally less able to recover 3a.

2. Mechanism smoke condensate purification of exhaust smoke condensate component of the purification of exhaust components is messy heat and mass transfer process. Condensing the flue gas is flue gas water vapor condenses on the heat exchanger wall or film into fine droplets, and large water drops or fine and then converging streams. In this process, the flue gas condense different components will be dissolved in an aqueous solution, an aqueous solution of the condensation reaction may occur in the flue gas to remove harmful substances such harmful exhaust gas content decreased. NOx in the flue gas purification process condensate: there are nitrogen oxides NO, NO2, N2O, N2O5 etc., a general term NOx. The primary material constituting the atmospheric pollution and photochemical smog is NO, NO2, other ignored. Nitrogen oxides in the boiler flue gas first is NO, and NO2 content less. NO slightly soluble in water, the dissolved amount is negligible. NO2 soluble in water to form aqueous nitric acid and nitrous acid. NO2 is a water-soluble reaction formula: 2NO2 + H2O9HNO3 + HNO2.

The latest was informed Tongling Municipal People's Government issued the "Notice on Tongling City to win the Battle of Blue Sky embodiment", as follows.

First, deepen industrial pollution control

Continuing to promote a comprehensive industrial pollution discharge standards, increase penalties and excessive joint disciplinary efforts, not discharge standards of the enterprise to suspend for rectification according to law. Implementation covering all stationary sources of emissions permits enterprise system, before the end of 2020 to complete the trade provisions of the license issued discharge permit management directory.

Carry iron and steel, cement, nonferrous metals, thermal power, coking, casting and other key industries and ports, shipping, coal-fired boilers fugitive emissions investigation, the establishment of management accounting, before the end of 2019 to complete the material (including waste) transportation, handling, storage, transfer and process fugitive emissions such as in-depth treatment.

Second, the continued implementation of the total coal consumption control, strict implementation of coal consumption reduction instead. By 2020 the city's coal consumption control in less than 13 million tons of coal accounts for the proportion of total energy consumption to decline further. Strict implementation of new coal projects coal reduction instead. Added support for the power industry outside of iron and steel, chemicals, nonferrous metals and other industries coal projects, the implementation of coal consumption reduction of 1.5 times alternatives. Increased focus on bulk coal remediation efforts. High-pollution fuel combustion zone ban bulk coal sales all clear.

Third, the implementation of the "coal to gas" and "electricity instead of coal." Strengthening the capacity of natural gas supply security, promote glazed tiles, casting and other industries natural gas instead of coal gasification project, orderly implementation of coal-fired facilities from coal to gas. Combined with regional and industry energy characteristics, and actively promote the implementation of "electricity instead of coal" in the field of industrial production, transportation, agricultural production, living and so on.

Fourth, continue to strengthen the supervision of the boiler. Consolidate the results of rectification of small coal-fired boiler, make sure the rebound does not occur, a citywide ban on new 35 tons of steam per hour and coal-fired boilers. Increase efforts to eliminate small coal-fired boilers. Dynamically updated list management coal-fired boiler, built-up area City 35 tons of steam per hour coal-fired boilers by the end of 2019 total phase-out or implementation of clean energy alternatives; retention of six chemical companies 2 130 tons of steam per hour of coal-fired boilers to complete all energy saving and ultra-low emissions transformation.

Fifth, strengthen the bulk coal governance. Strictly implement the "Interim Measures for commercial coal quality management" (National Development and Reform Commission Order No. 16) and technical standards for coal-fired boilers, in-depth implementation of bulk coal remediation crucial action, and strictly implement the ban on burning areas prohibit the use of high-polluting coal for fuel measures. To strengthen the management and control of coal-fired coal. Ongoing monthly coal quality sampling, and promote enterprises to increase coal-fired coal reform efforts.

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