central heating boiler for 9000 m2 building

Hot water central heating boiler for 9000 m2 building and power consumption problems of corrosion resistant centrifugal pump material selection hot water boiler power problem, we use the temperature control water pump start and stop, try not to let the pump work when the low temperature, when the temperature reaches the set again to start the pump. The inner wall of the boiler thermal efficiency to reduce generation of scale is the main cause waste of electric boiler, or magnetic methods recommended softening boiler water treatment, not only energy, but also extend the life of the boiler. Boiler pressure, also known as non-pressure hot water boiler, the boiler refers to the top vented to atmosphere, the static pressure of water is not subjected to the heating system. That is quite an open hot water tank. Circulating pump can only be installed on a hot water supply mains, and to install a check valve and a flow regulating valve, the circulating pump does not play a role that the water cycle, water sky pressing action, the actual pressure pumps, which like water supply works, like cold water pressure pump. the reservoir of water pumped to the water tower, and then by gravity to the user. So what advantages does the hot water boiler, its advantages is never the risk of explosion, do not carry out supervisory inspection, regardless of the pressure relief problems boiler room, save steel and simplify the process, and then scrapped boiler, cancel water supply pump, power failure protection well, durable, saving the user investment. Centrifugal pump commonly used corrosion resistant material selection: the majority of the material be corrosion resistant corrosion pump depends on the reason why the pump flow parts, for corrosion resistant pumps, the need depending on the transmission medium, the material is selected pump flow member . Table 3-1 materials apply only to certain corrosive media, such as a low concentration of nitric acid may be used lCr18Ni9Ti ordinary temperature and other oxidizing acid, and alkali weak corrosive media; OCr18Ni12M02Ti nitric acid concentration is best suited for the transmission of room temperature , but also transport of sulfuric acid, an organic reducing media like; HT200 gray cast iron suitable for concentrated sulfuric acid; plastic broader applicability, polytetrafluoroethylene and perfluorinated ethylene-propylene, and other materials after a reasonable formula, molded, processed plastic Naifushibeng set various advantages of plastic, with particularly strong corrosion resistance, and has high mechanical strength, aging, toxin, etc., is conveyed variety of strong, weak acid over the apparatus, wherein the polytetrafluoroethylene ethylene is one of the best corrosion resistant materials, may be substantially resistant to any corrosive acids, alkali medium, is referred to as the king of plastic. In addition to the materials listed in Table 3-1, ceramics, enamel, glass, etc. are also used for certain applications for producing Naifushibeng flow components.

Why choose condensing Boiler

Condensing boiler is a kind of commonly used boiler equipment and basic device, because of its advanced functional heating technology, it has attracted a lot of enterprise users' love and pursuit. Heat resistance and wear resistance have become the mainstream boiler approved and selected by many enterprises because of its own characteristics and the appearance of boiler products. So why is it that people are more enthusiastic about choosing condensing boilers? The main reasons are as follows:

1.Equipment maintenance and maintenance convenience it is well known that condensing boilers can automatically identify and record fault problems in the process, which can not only provide users with record query, but also enable users to maintain and repair quickly. By recording the functions of condensing boiler faults in our country, users can find out the causes of condensing boiler faults and the corresponding maintenance techniques as soon as possible, so that timely and intelligent design can be helpful to the subsequent troubleshooting and maintenance.

2.The intelligent operating interface is learned that the intelligent touch screen operating interface is intuitive and convenient, and this intelligent operating interface and mode can effectively display the overall operating state of the boiler, including the changing state of the boiler flame and the temperature grade. Let the user know clearly the concrete content and the question at a glance. In addition, condensing heating of condensing boiler with high cost-to-performance ratio has a variety of procedures that are expected to be applied, and users can directly select and operate monitoring devices on the panel.

3. The reason why the scientific and reasonable structure design has a good thermal effect on the long-term thermal energy supply is mainly due to the scientific and reasonable design of the boiler to make it play a good role. All premixed condensing boiler manufacturers can install economizers and condensers at the end of the boiler, which can not only improve the efficiency and performance of steam boilers, but also ensure the sealing and thermal insulation performance greatly by carefully selected panel materials.

Gas condensation central heating boiler for 9000 m2 building is a new energy saving device, its working principle is to use the heat released by combustion of natural gas, is passed to the steam, hot water or other carriers, and then outputs it to where it is needed; high temperature flue gas after the addition of a large amount of latent heat is condensed art part is used again to the boiler, overall thermal efficiency of the boiler has been significantly improved, but also remove harmful substances in the flue gas.

Hot water central heating boiler for 9000 m2 building is one of the important equipment for the district to provide our real estate company, and two gas hot water provide the fast boiler boiler flotilla of environmental performance, in full compliance with state regulations after smoke was detected in the rear of the boiler. And boiler operation is safe, stable, we use the very at ease. --customer feedback

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