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In mid-March this year, Shenyang City, the first household environmental desktop cooking boiler industry issued emission permits. Plan will livestock poultry, dairy products manufacturing, automobile manufacturing and other industries 29 issued emission permits, issued by the maturity shall not sewage, sewage behavior of errant card companies to investigate and punish. This is also the industry's first Shenyang boiler emission permits.

According to the State Department "to control emissions permit system implementation plan" and the Ministry of Environment "discharge permit management approach", 2017 in Shenyang City has completed thermal power, paper, cement, electroplating, pharmaceutical, pesticide, textile printing and dyeing industry, 54 enterprises license issuance of work. 2018, the city completed the issuance of emission permits 128, including iron and steel industry 5, slaughtering and meat processing industry 106, 16 water treatment industry, ceramic industry one, according to industry certification and time-bound national requirements, so that " should be sent to do hair. "

This year, Shenyang City, according to "stationary sources of pollution permits Classification Catalog" requirement, will be livestock poultry, dairy products, Condiments fermentation products manufacturing, food manufacturing other convenience food, wine manufacturing, footwear, plywood manufacturing, bamboo and rattan wood furniture manufacturing, polyvinyl chloride, phosphate fertilizer, automobile manufacturing, battery manufacturing, non-metallic waste and scrap metal processing, garbage to hazardous waste sludge as fuel for thermal power generation, sewage treatment and recycling, environmental control industry , heat production and supply, electroplating facilities, sewage centralized treatment of industrial waste water and other 29 industries issuance of emission permits. Up to now, has been launched boilers, water treatment, ceramics, automobile manufacturing, battery manufacturing, phosphate fertilizer industry and electroplating processes work permits issued.

Shenyang Ecological Environment Agency, responsible person, emission permits to take "a card-style" management, so that all the laws and regulations of the environmental requirements of an enterprise integration to a convergence of the proposed permit up to implement the main responsibility for polluters. A company issuing a discharge permit, enterprises through the establishment of self-commitment, self-monitoring, accounting records and regular reporting system has proven its emissions by law, to further strengthen fine management.

Shenyang in the discharge permit issued during the EIA procedure will be incomplete, excessive emissions, there is the issue of corporate environmental management ordered rectification to achieve "issued an industry, to clean up an industry, an industry specification, an industry discharge standards." In the future, Shenyang will be implemented in accordance with the regulatory card issuing companies to carry out law enforcement inspection post card, after intensive license management, enterprise undocumented sewage discharge permits and do not follow the behavior will be investigated according to law.

Gas steam household environmental desktop cooking boiler equipment before the formalities in Longyan City gas steam boiler installation required, should fill out the "boiler installation started this book", incidentally less than the original below the gas boiler steam boiler client territorial management authority for permission boiler installation procedures by allowing the rear be able to carry out construction work: ① original equipment licensed gas steam boiler; ② gas steam boiler equipment boiler installation boiler room and started this book project plan; ③ gas steam boiler certificate material; ④ steam boiler room layout plane drawings and drawings steam boiler room design institute ; ⑤ equipment unit certificate practitioners arrived at the scene of construction workers. Former gas steam boiler equipment, equipment unit shall also incidentally has allowed the "boiler installation started this book" to gas-steam boiler pressure vessel inspection at the customer's territorial quality inspection departments signed the "quality and safety of the engagement letter" by the Inspection Department of the gas-steam the value of the boiler equipment required to maintain surveillance.

What the household environmental desktop cooking boiler questions of practical significance? On the boiler, in addition to the existing front outside, but also whether it should continue learning objectives they want to achieve from this point of view, then? For that matter, if we have reached the level of the current point of view, the answer is yes. So, the answer to the above question, the following boiler will continue to explain aspects of knowledge, we hope to give some specific useful in order to make progress. 1. The power boiler field experiment, what is the meaning and purpose? For boiler power field experiments, its meaning and purpose, in general, is to determine the factors affecting the boiler furnace fullness. If, to expand and illustrated in detail, it is then: determining a degree of uniformity of the air distribution system of a combustion boiler, and the fluid dynamic characteristics of its respective damper flap and air flow characteristics of the burner. In addition, to understand the mix of the boiler primary air and secondary air, and the distribution of diffusion furnace air flow is good. Whereby, to determine the boiler and the hot combustion operation is normal and proper adjustment. 2. Why is the fire the boiler drum water level decreased and then increased? In this case, on the specific reasons, it may be summarized as follows: the boiler in normal operation, when the soda mixture into the drum will be evaporated, resulting in large bubbles in the water side, so that the boiler water volume expansion, the water level rises. However, after extinguishing, the amount of soda vapor mixture is drastically reduced, so that the rapid decline in the amount of evaporation, and the drum is reduced. Further, the furnace becomes small volume of water, the water level drops. If, when the amount of water to the same or increase, then the above phenomenon occurs. 3. What boiler Water Treatment and purpose? And, Superheater on the boiler, can have any effect? Water Treatment and the boiler, which main purpose is to change the way to the water, and to reduce the iron content in boiler water, to slow the deposition rate of the water wall tubes on iron oxide. And the boiler superheater, which in effect sucked by the steam heating the first evaporator becomes superheated steam, and to guarantee the quality thereof.

Boiler installation is very important, because the purchase of household environmental desktop cooking boilers is not a whole, the seller will carry a lot of boiler parts to the home and then professional personnel responsible for the installation of the boiler. If the installation work is not done properly, there will be a lot of problems when used later, so small as a screw to a boiler in the installation needs to be very important.

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