water boiler with keep warm boiling indicators

Gas steam boiler installation What are the requirements? Buy gas steam boiler to consider the size and nice and beautiful to consider the size of the effect, choose a white color board packaging when purchasing natural gas boiler, it will not only look beautiful and generous with this insulation effect white color board packaging is very good. There is the problem of the size of the volume of natural gas boiler, can be placed in the position you placed this demand is important, assuming the purchase of oversized probably too small, the impact will form a beautiful together some unnecessary trouble . The primary effect and explain the advantages of gas steam boiler: first we should know that the primary effect of natural gas boiler is for us to supply heat, so buy gas boiler division should want to see the surface of the packaging material. Select the division try to choose whole body is made of glass wool, glass wool due to the insulating effect of this material is very good, and very light weight. As a result there is a lot of heat in the boiler division will not lose, once the heat in the boiler will not be able to quickly lose more heat energy supply we need for us, the working efficiency will rapidly decline, but also waste more fuel. Gas-fired steam boiler is the first commercial water boiler with keep warm boiling indicators, water district, but in recent years boiler explosion incident and the extent of corrosion in the boiler point of view, a lot of steam boiler hot water boiler worker for the protection and use of mechanical and electrical record is not very understanding, perhaps less cooked. 1. The device must be installed for the skills required device unit power before the unit, a device construction organization plan and develop network solutions unit construction. Engineer skills tests, shall be carried out according to the specific circumstances of the organization pumping station planning, manufacturing, construction units, coordinate with each other. Construction organization planning device after securing approval, issued by the chief supervision engineer started to make construction unit before playing a device construction. Construction should be set up organizations, to establish who is responsible for individual projects, the scale of responsibilities clear, unified command. Unit personnel to seriously study skills materials, familiar with the drawings, grasp the rules, norms and regulations related skills, to grasp the device processes, methods and requirements, so that means satisfactory quality planning requirements. 2. The device is applied to the primary embodiment of an apparatus operation part industry. Include: a process means, operating means schedules the like. Device program should clear the construction sequence and construction schedule, the entire project is listed in the individual projects, division of engineering and engineering, separation of primary and secondary, first, after then arrange reasonable time limit, staff and the various stages of construction the primary task of the construction progress of the project can be both before and after, coordinate with each other. Steam boiler main requirements are as follows: 1, when the evaporation amount is equal to the rated boiler 6t / h should be oxygen, less than the rated evaporation 6t / h boiler found localized corrosion, feedwater oxygen measures should be adopted, for steam for the steam turbine boiler feedwater oxygen content should be less than equal to 0.05mg / L. 2, as determined when the dissolved solids is difficult, the conductivity measurement method may be employed or chloride ions (C1) controlled indirectly, but with the conductivity or dissolved solids and a ratio of a chloride ion (of Cl-) should be based on test confirm. And should be regularly re-examination and revision of this ratio relationship. 3, the structure of all-welded boiler may control the relative alkalinity. 4, rated evaporation amount is smaller than 2t / h, and less than the rated steam pressure of steam boilers and hot water boilers soft drinks dual equal to 1.0MPa (such as steam, water quality no special requirements) may also be pot-treatment. But we must strengthen the supervision of scaling, corrosion and water steam hot water boiler, earnestly dosing, sewage and cleaning operations.

What rely on hot water boiler with keep warm boiling indicators circulating hot water boiler and sewage notes, this is a particular kind of boiler, but also the product website, it is necessary to be familiar with and understand, to find out what it is and how to correct and reasonable use, this ensures that products are a good use of effects and to achieve full utilization, but also to avoid misuse and other issues, they would benefit from. 1. The hot water boiler depends on what forced circulation and natural circulation? Hot water boiler, which is a thermal energy conversion device capable of providing hot water, when it is the transfer of heat to the fuel combustion in the boiler water, boiler water temperature rises to a certain user for heating or life water. In general, the boiler inlet and outlet flow is water, which is carried out by forced circulation pump pressure. If it is natural circulation, the difference is the weight of the body against the boiler water temperature to achieve a different result. 2. Whether the new hot water boiler cook stove before you start using? What are the requirements for water quality that is running? Until a new hot water boiler started, is to be boiling out of work, so on a question, the answer is yes, the aim is to remove the protective film in the boiler rust, oil and metal surface, thus, make it hot water boiler and smooth running. When the boiler is running, is required to control the quality and the use of demineralized water, the PH value in boiler water, to be maintained within the range of 10-12. 3.1.5 tons of hot water boiler, which is what the cycle of water and other notes? 1.5 tons of hot water boiler, which heat supply to the boiler in accordance with the calculation, it should be 1.05MW hot water boilers, hot water boilers are small tonnage, which generally is not the high pressure high temperature water, particularly in the standard parameter, is 1.6 / 150 / 90,1.6 / 130 / 70,1.25 / 130/70 and 1.0 / 115/70, the first digit for the boiler pressure, the middle number is water temperature, return water temperature is the last digit . And this kind of situation replenishment boiler, have a great relationship with the boiler system, it should be considered comprehensive, and this point can not be ignored. 4. The hot water boiler blowdown, whether there are considerations? Hot water boiler blowdown, which is there are some considerations that are specific to: the sewage before work is performed, the water level in the boiler should be adjusted slightly above the normal water line state, there should be no flow of sound in the outfall. Sewage pipes outside the touch blowdown valve, the temperature should be within the normal range, if an exception should be resolved in time, by hand without delay.

Design features gas boiler room Gas boiler room design requires more, many can be, but the design of the gas boiler room boiler room should be noted that according to the general design of the following steps: 1, boiler room should guard against water. 2, boiler room floor should be smooth and no steps. 3, is provided in the boiler room and equipment arrangement should be easy to manipulate, and testing patency. 4, boiler room should be well lit and well ventilated and cool and freeze the tools you need. 5, the boiler room and other load-bearing beam member and the gas boiler shall certainly interval or other device receiving it, to prevent heat damage. 6, manipulate and where the water table, pressure gauges, thermometers, flow meters, etc. in the boiler room, there should be adequate lighting. Boiler room should have a spare set of lighting equipment. 7, leading to the boiler room outside the doors should open outwards, banning locked or bolted in gas boiler run time. Boiler room door room or living room something of the boiler room should be open. Port and channel revenue boiler room should flow unimpeded.

The only example of an ultra-low nitrogen oxide emissions through boilers Enterprise Test - fast boiler, the production of gas hot water boiler with keep warm boiling indicators, gas steam boiler, condensing boiler integrated, NOx emissions is far below the required standards, environmental protection departments successfully passed the test and get the user's praise.

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