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Premix combustion ratio of air and gas can be controlled within the range, the mixed gas to ensure excess air ratio between 1.2-1.3, both to ensure full combustion of the fuel, but also to reduce the formation of nitrogen oxides, the buy new boiler for house heating reduce the heat loss .

Hot water buy new boiler for house heating heating operation, energy saving technology: pipe insulation steam pipes, hot water pipes and various devices are heat dissipation of heat to the surrounding air, additional safety purposes, must lose steam, water pipe insulation. A thermal insulating material should meet the following requirements: a low thermal conductivity, good thermal insulation performance. When the thermal conductivity λ <0.12 kcal / m. 2 inner tube ℃ medium reaches the maximum temperature, still stable performance, and good mechanical properties, compressive strength is generally not less than 3 kg / cm when the heat medium temperature is greater than 2.3 when 120 ℃, insulation material should not contain organic and combustible. Only when the medium temperature below 80 ℃, the insulation material may contain organics. Insulation material in claim 4 small hygroscopicity, no corrosion of the wall, forming easy to manufacture, easy to install. Insulation materials meeting the above requirements have expanded perlite, alkali glass fiber, foam, rock wool and slag wool and the like. The thickness of the insulation layer is determined according to the following general principles: 1, to ensure that heat losses in the pipe a predetermined value or less. 2, the surface temperature of the insulation layer does not exceed 55 ~ 60 ℃. 3, economic insulation thickness should make the cost of heat losses and insulation layer is equivalent to the sum of the minimum fuel costs. To reduce heat loss of the steam pipe, the pipe diameter should be small as far as possible, and shorten the transportation distance, while it should be relatively small pressure drop. Before transporting the vapor pressure steam must be reduced to a minimum value. The larger the pressure drop, it should use for its work. For the move of heating equipment and pipelines good insulation is an important energy-saving measures.

Qinhuangdao City Funing District Branch of Ecological Environment Agency organized the key enterprises responsible person within the jurisdiction of the buy new boiler for house heating demolition, renovation work will hold a special schedule. The meeting stressed the need to vigorously promote coal-fired, gas-fired boiler demolition, renovation work progress, continued to improve ambient air quality.

At the meeting, staff of the Office of atmospheric area of ​​the current coal-fired, gas-fired boiler demolition, renovation progress has been informed. Up to now, boiler demolition and reconstruction of the region involved all disabled.

First, Funing District compressed air quality improvement increasingly smaller space, air pollution prevention and control situation is very serious, involving various enterprises must attach great importance to effectively assume responsibility for environmental protection.

Second, the coal-fired boiler in accordance with the "water power, chimney down, shifting the body" standard transformation and low nitrogen oxides emissions analyzer mounted nitrogen gas boiler work requirements, make sure the end of this completed, the embodiment late cut-off regulation.

Third, the Bureau of atmospheric sciences, environmental law enforcement unit to further strengthen law enforcement and inspection and supervision, the monitoring center to provide scientific data monitoring, to crack down on environmental violations, it is important to ensure that coal-fired, gas-fired boiler demolition, renovation work is completed on time.

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