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Boiler equipment has been replaced many times, at present, the main energy of boiler equipment comes from gas, it is not only very convenient to use, but also the efficiency of boiling water has been improved effectively. Today's boilers have been used in many industries, for people to bring efficiency at the same time also brought development.

Recently, the issuance of Shanxi "Shanxi Air Pollution Control 2018 Action Plan." Plan put forward, to continue to carry out "dirty scattered" corporate investigation and remediation. Implementation of industrial enterprise environmental upgrade project, complete transformation of ultra-low emission coal-fired units, key industrial enterprises fugitive emission control; the end of June 2018, the basic completion of coal chemicals, fine chemicals, packaging, printing, industrial coating, rubber products manufacturing VOCs pollution control and other key industries. Meanwhile, further strict environmental standards, Beijing, Tianjin and the surrounding national "26 + 2" requires the implementation of urban air pollutants emission limits in particular the standard extended to the whole province, 11 municipal power (other than coal), iron and steel, nonferrous metals , cement, chemical industry since existing enterprises October 1, 2018, the coking industry since October 1, 2019, emissions of sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, particulate matter and volatile organic air pollutants special discharge limit execution value standard. Pilot ultra-low emissions of air pollutants transformation in steel and other non-electric industry. Coal-fired power plants, iron and steel enterprises should take effective measures to eliminate rain gypsum, colored misty rain and other phenomena, reduce flue gas soluble salt, sulfuric acid mist, organic matter and so on.

We attach great importance to the provincial government, through the joint efforts of the whole province, in 2017 the successful completion of the first phase goal, "Air Pollution Prevention Action Plan." But the air quality situation is still grim, uncompromising determination to be the most strict system, the most effective measures to further promote the further air pollution control tough fight, winning the 2018 Blue Sky Battle. Action Plan formulated as follows:

(PM10) average concentration, and the ratio of the total fine days major air pollutants emissions of fine particulate matter in ambient air to complete the tasks assigned country. The average sulfur dioxide concentration of about 45 micrograms / cubic meter.

1. Vigorously promote clean winter heating engineering. According to "enterprise-based, government promotion, residents can bear" principle, promote co-ordinate the urban area, county and urban-rural, rural area clean heating three types of work.

2. make every effort to guarantee the power supply gas source. Around the "coal to gas coal to electricity" project must be able "to plan, the first contract, after the transformation," the village does indeed complete the household work before the end of May 2018.

3. Increase coal-fired heating facilities environmental standards. October 1, 2018, all in particular to achieve the emission limits of air pollutants emission standards with coal-fired boilers, 20 tons of steam / hour and above all boilers installed on-line monitoring facilities and networking with the environmental protection department.

4. eliminate scattered coal-fired boilers. October 1, 2018, 11 municipalities and districts built-up area basically out of 35 steam tons / hour and less than the cogeneration except coal-fired boilers (including pulverized coal boilers), the county built-up areas and further eliminate scattered coal-fired furnace, stove , switch to clean energy.

5. strengthen "ban on coal zone." Before the end of September 2018, 11 municipalities and districts were designated as urban area you want to "ban on coal zone", combined with improved air quality requirements of the suburban areas into the scope of "no coal zone", the implementation of joint chip control.

6. Strengthening quality control. Prohibit the use of more than 1% sulfur, 16% higher than the ash of coal bulk of the civilian, according to the actual municipalities and improving coal quality control standards. To strengthen the management and control of coal sales circulation, strengthening coal random testing, unit sales of low quality coal to be investigated and dealt with according to law.

8. continuing to promote "scattered dirt" comprehensive improvement of enterprise. Continue to carry out "dirty messy" business dragnet investigation of verified "scattered pollution" enterprises to implement classification disposal.

9. The implementation of industrial enterprise environmental upgrade project. Full completion of coal

10. strengthen key industries VOCS emission control. VOCs emissions units to carry out the screening, the establishment of key units List VOCS emissions before the end of May 2018. Strengthen the architectural, automotive, retrieving and dismantling automobiles, dry cleaning, catering and other non-point source VOCS governance and control.

11. strictly implement the industrial fugitive emissions control requirements. Before the end of May 2018, industrial enterprises and yard materials handling, transport, production process fugitive emissions comprehensive treatment.

12. Strengthen vehicle fuel quality control. General ban on the sale of diesel and lower than the Six Nations of motor gasoline and diesel fuel. Ongoing fight against the production and sale of counterfeit car oil special action.

14. accelerate remote monitoring and network platform. Before the end of 2018, municipal environmental protection, transportation, public security and traffic control departments should actively cooperate with the installation of remote monitoring equipment in the city's main crossing, and the achievement of national, provincial and municipal networking.

15. Strengthening of heavy-duty diesel vehicles joint law enforcement. All the manufacture, import, sale and registration of heavy-duty diesel vehicles must meet national standards. No vehicle emissions inspection report on a regular basis, the public security authorities may issue safety and technical inspection.

16. Strengthening non-road mobile machinery pollution control. Before the end of 2018, municipalities should designate and publish the ban on the use of high emissions of non-road mobile machinery space, environmental protection department in conjunction with transportation, housing and urban construction, water conservancy, agriculture and other relevant departments, non-road mobile machinery emissions of atmospheric pollutants supervision and inspection establishment of the province's non-road mobile machinery emissions database.

17. Strengthening freight restructuring. Cargo accelerate the construction of the railway station, railway transportation facilities improve, encourage and guide enterprises focus on car transportation by rail.

18. Strengthening the construction dust control. Construction unit should be released on the construction site dust pollution prevention and control measures, information on the person in charge, dust supervision and management authorities, to ensure Weidang do around the site, stockpiling cover, wet earth excavation work, road hardening, cleaning out the vehicle, slag soil transport vehicles sealed "to fly more than six hundred percent the size of earth and stone construction sites have been installed on-line monitoring and video surveillance.

19. The overall strengthening of urban roads and transportation dust remediation. Enhance road transport dust control. Transportation departments must formulate policies to encourage and guide enterprises to accelerate the development of a closed box-type truck, container carrier, container transport and actively explore the dense ask hard measures transporting heavy goods vehicles or bulk materials.

20. comprehensively strengthen all kinds of open-air yard, bare ground and public facilities dust remediation. Comprehensive clean urban fringe and villages demolition and construction waste muck, not timely clean-up must be taken to cover the pain and other dust suppression measures.

21. Measures to strengthen the ban on burning ban. Xuan is strictly prohibited open burning straw. Strengthen local people's governments at all levels straw Jinshao main responsibility Xuan, Xuan prohibiting the straw in forest fire prevention system, strengthen policy advocacy, to carry out special inspections straw Jin Shao Xuan.

Municipalities in accordance with the level of emissions performance of enterprises, autumn and winter peak load shifting production of industrial enterprises classified management, the pollution and promote green civilization construction, manufacturing, transportation combined, reflecting the difference, to avoid simplistic, absolute, "one size fits all." Since October 1, 2018, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, volatile organic compounds and particulate matter emission limits can not be achieved in particular electric power (other than coal) atmospheric pollutants, steel, petrochemical, chemical, colored (free of alumina), cement and other industries and enterprises with existing coal-fired boilers, industrial enterprises and unfinished fugitive emission control requirements, all to be discontinued treatment; achieve particular emission limits of air pollutants and related trades completed unorganized emission control requirements by according to local city and county government to improve ambient air quality objectives and requirements to protect people's livelihood, under the premise of peak load shifting production in line with national regulations, the self-heating of reasonable discretion determine the peak load shifting production requirements.

Strengthen air quality monitoring and early warning system and team capacity building, improve regional air quality forecasting consultation mechanism to further strengthen the research environment and meteorology mechanism, comprehensively improve ambient air quality forecasting ability, scientific judgment heavily polluting process, strictly from the high start-up warning response.

Municipal people's government is the main responsibility for improving air quality, pollution prevention and control organizations to further strengthen the leadership of the atmosphere; the departments concerned to strictly implement the division of responsibilities in accordance with mission requirements.

Overall increase air pollution control funds to support efforts to clean the focus for heating, replace coal-fired boilers, industrial pollution control, elimination of old cars and support scientific research and technology and other fields.

Efforts were dissemination of environmental information, media coverage, public opinion to guide work, timely release of environmental protection policies and heavy pollution weather warning information, take the initiative to respond to hot issues of public concern, to protect the public's right to know.

Not implemented boiler water treatment how to solve some of the boiler due to the relatively small capacity or are only used in the winter and often do not get people's attention, and those who manage small boilers tend to experience insufficient boiler water treatment, boiler management process in nor effective boiler water treatment for small boilers, so that the boiler fouling or corrosion phenomena occur, over time caused serious impact on the management of the boiler. Solution: not implemented for boiler water treatment should be considered boilers, boiler water as well as local conditions. For those small vapor pressure and evaporation smaller steel boiler, as far as possible outside the boiler chemical treatment method, and to try to oxygen with a corresponding oxygen-removing treatment equipment; and for a large amount of steam that evaporated boiler pressure to give a larger outer boiler treatment chemical, but must install the appropriate instrument oxygen; for natural water contains many impurities that should be used and other measures precipitation or filtration administering an effective treatment, as well as, efficient implementation boiler water treatment.

Fang soon have years of experience in research and design for condensing boiler to produce condensation products boiler thermal efficiency up to 107%, nitrogen oxide emissions can be less than 30 mg / cubic meter, and also set safe and convenient, long life, furnace cooler-running small number of advantages such as loss, after once the market widely loved by users and usage.


The proper size nozzle for a given burner unit is sometimes stamped on the nameplate of the unit. GPH = BTU Input 140,000 GPH = BTU Output (Efficiency %) x 140,000 GPH = Total Sq. Ft. of Steam x 240 (Efficiency %) x 140,000 GPH = Total Sq. Two procedures for determining the optimum nozzle size have been developed.

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Selecting The Proper Nozzle | Beckett Corp.

The nozzle, through the swirl slots, swirl chamber and orifice converts the energy from pressure to velocity. Approximately half of the pressure is converted or dropped across the swirl slots and chamber. At this point, as their name implies, the swirl slots cause the oil to swirl in the swirl chamber.

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The proper size nozzle for a given burner unit is sometimes stamped on the nameplate of the unit. GPH = BTU Input 140,000 GPH = BTU Output (Efficiency %) x 140,000 GPH = Total Sq. Ft. of Steam x 240 (Efficiency %) x 140,000 GPH = Total Sq. Two procedures for determining the optimum nozzle size have been developed.

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